What Your Drinking Habits Reveal About You


Looks like science found a reason you might love happy hour so much. A new study by Gallup has found that if you’re an American who’s educated and makes a decent amount of money, you’re likely to drink more.

The study, done in early July with a group of 1,009 adults in 50 states, found that overall, 64 percent of Americans enjoy throwing back a few. But when it comes down to separating that number into different groups of people and their habits, eight out of 10 people with college degrees and high salaries drink more – mostly because they engage in more activities that involve alcohol, like going out to eat. The study grouped salaries into three ranges: less than $30,000, $30,000 to $75,000, and $75,000 or more.

It also revealed some other noteworthy findings.

Who drinks more: women or men?


In breaking down the numbers even more, it might not be a surprise you to see that 69 percent of men say they consume alcohol, whereas only 59 percent of women do.


What does race have to do with alcohol consumption?


When it comes to race, 69 percent of non-Hispanic whites also enjoy drinking, whereas only 52 percent nonwhites do.


What kind of alcohol do people prefer more?


While beer is America’s go-to poison of choice, 44 percent of college graduates prefer wine over beer or liquor – only low-income people stick to the latter.


Do younger people drink more than older folks?


It turns out that 30-to-49-year-olds are likely to go up on a Tuesday, since drinking is the most common around that age group. But 60 percent of Millennials (or snake people, as some are beginning to call them) also guzzle down alcohol on the regular.


Seeing this data, it’s no surprise that college graduates with more money to spare will consume more alcohol. After all, when you can live comfortably, what better way is there to spend your time under the sun than sipping another mimosa at brunch and wondering what to do with your day?

What Your Drinking Habits Reveal About You

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