Why Yes, You Can Soon Fly in Star Wars Planes

In the world of Star Wars, there is no try, there is only do – and one Japanese-based airline has decided to go where no other has before with the creation of three Star Wars-themed planes. ANA airlines, which previously announced in April that it would launch an R2-D2-themed plane, just revealed that two other planes will become part of the fleet.

The R2-D2 plane will be joined by another plane called the BB-8 ANA jet, named and decorated after a new droid character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The third aircraft, the Star Wars ANA jet, will include both droids. Each plane will not only be decorated on the outside but on the inside as well, with headrest covers, napkins, and cups covered in characters from the movies. And if you’re flying internationally on ANA, you’ll get the chance to see any of the six Star Wars movies as part of the company’s in-flight entertainment, making it the first time any of these films are part of the flying experience. Considering the themed planes are part of a five-year promotional partnership between ANA and The Walt Disney Company, we wonder what else the airline might have up its sleeve for fans.

But you can’t book your flight just yet! The R2-D2 ANA jet will begin flying Oct. 18, with different international and Japanese flight routes depending on the time of year. In November, the Star Wars ANA jet will begin to soar, but only in Japan. And the BB-8 ANA jet will fly international routes between Japan and North America in March 2016. Once the planes are ready to go, anyone will be able to see their schedule on a website devoted to the Star Wars planes so that it’s not entirely a guessing game.

We know we feel this excitement around lots of Star Wars news, like the new Disney theme parks based on the movies, but the force is seriously strong with these planes. Look ahead to see the concept designs of how they will appear and start saving your money now.

Why Yes, You Can Soon Fly in Star Wars Planes

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