A Simple Hack to Make Your Facebook Look Better


Anytime Facebook changes, most people clamor and scream about how it’s time to leave the social media site once and for all. But now a Google Chrome extension might actually bring the change you want to see on Facebook.

The new flat-design extension attempts to refocus Facebook on content you care about, without other features like “Recent posts” and “Trending.” Rof Tentik, a developer and UI designer, chose a flat design because it includes these main features: a page becomes easier to load, and the design can easily work on a variety of screens without looking too playful.

Also in this version of Facebook, the colors are bolder, the font is entirely Trebuchet, you see more white space, and it includes a sticky left-side menu showing everything about you, like photos, notifications, and groups.

You can also toggle on and off the extension at the top-left corner, so you’re not always stuck with this design if you change your mind. Try it out – you might end up liking Facebook a lot more this way.

A Simple Hack to Make Your Facebook Look Better

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