Why You Should Update to iOS 9.1 Immediately


When iOS 9 first became available in September, iPhone users were excited to try out new features that improved their smartphone experience. Features like a better Siri, a News App, and low power mode made it worth it to download – and you’ll feel the same about iOS 9.1.

The newest software from Apple, which came out today, includes useful updates. Some of the more exciting ones are:

  • New emoji – A middle finger, taco, and unicorn emoji are all available. It’s about time we had our prayers answered.
  • Live Photos fix – Instead of recording your every single movement, the Live Photos feature will now sense more “intelligently” when you actually “raise and lower your iPhone.”
  • Contact Photos in text messages – While some people like this new feature, you can now disable seeing those bubbles next to your contacts in Messages.
  • Calendar app fix – If you encountered a bug where switching over to different months in the calendar froze the app, this should no longer be a problem.
  • Mail improvements – You should no longer experience annoying issues in Mail, like seeing the wrong number of unread emails and not finding certain emails when you search.
  • Compatibility for iPad Pro and Apple TV – With both products expected to arrive in stores and online soon, Apple included updates so your iPhone will work seamlessly with the new hardware.

Don’t forget to back up your iPhone before updating, but definitely do it sooner than later – you know you want to try the taco emoji.

Why You Should Update to iOS 9.1 Immediately

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