5 Ways to School Your Kids’ Class Holiday Party

Holiday Roll-UpsWhen you’re a kid and holiday break is on the horizon, December is a time of cheer no matter what holiday you celebrate. If your kids’ class is celebrating the end of 2015 with treats galore, here are some take-to-school ideas that will make their holiday party extra-festive this winter.

Add Some Cheer to Lunchtime

If your kids’ winter party takes place around lunchtime, use this midday meal as an unexpected way to celebrate the season. Ree Drummond’s easy-to-make, understated Holiday Roll-Ups (pictured above) don’t call for any ingredients you wouldn’t normally pack in your kids’ lunch. Filled with a blend of cream cheese, ranch dressing mix and black pepper, these tortilla pinwheels get their festive colors (and crunch) from diced red and green peppers. The best part? They can be made ahead and stored in the fridge until it’s time to eat.

Sugar Cookie How-ToPlan an Interactive Activity

Engage your kids’ classmates with an interactive cooking activity that’s doable in the classroom: cookie decorating. Bake the cookies at home, then bring all the supplies your kids’ class will need to decorate, like frosting, sprinkles and candies. Here’s how to make perfect cut-out sugar cookies that are easy to decorate and delicious to eat.

PopcornHelp Kids Make Their Own Edible Holiday Gifts

Use the party as a time for students to make and give homemade, edible gifts for teachers, family and friends this holiday season. Simple ideas, like these pizza popcorn shakers, just take some quick assembly and gift-wrapping.

Holiday Cupcake ToppersDecorate a Different Treat

Cookies shouldn’t get all the fun. After baking cupcakes at home or picking up unfrosted treats at the supermarket or local bakery, use these 12 holiday cupcake topper ideas as inspiration for dressing up your favorite cupcake recipes for the holidays.

Cereal TreatsAdd Some Holiday Cheer, Even if You Can’t Make It to School

If you can’t attend the party at school, send your kids off with some holiday cheer they can share with their classmates and teachers. Make something easy, like candy cane-spiked cereal treats, at home, pack ‘em up and send them off with your kids on the bus or in the carpool — with instructions to not touch them until the party, of course.

5 Ways to School Your Kids’ Class Holiday Party

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