Sandwiches Are Good, but These 10 Sweet Sandwich Cookies Are Better

Cake-Mix Mint Chocolate Sandwich CookiesAll cookie fanatics know that the only thing better than one cookie is two — plus a rich, creamy filling. A step up from the classic chocolate chip or sugar cookie, these treats feature cookies that are fruity, nutty, cakey and more. Try the cookie version of an already traditional dessert, like carrot cake, or go for an unexpected flavor (popcorn?); this list of our favorite sandwich cookies has it all.


Cake-Mix Mint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (pictured above)              


Who knew you could use boxed cake mix as cookie batter? With the simple addition of chocolate chips and peppermint extract, these easy-to-make cookies will be fudgy and minty.



Cherry Almond White Chocolate SandwichesCherry Almond White Chocolate Sandwiches


Jeff Mauro whips almond butter into his sweet-salty filling to create a rich, nutty flavor.



Red Velvet Sandwich CookiesRed Velvet Sandwich Cookies


Red velvet cake is traditionally paired with cream cheese frosting, which is why the cookie version of the classic dessert doesn’t skimp on that must-have part. There’s a heaping spoonful of smooth cream-cheese filling between the wafers.



Mini Linzer CookiesMini Linzer Cookies                                      


Ina Garten’s two-bite cookies are buttery and tender, with a bonus: They don’t just taste good. The delicate heart that reveals their raspberry center will impress any guest.



Nutty Sandwich CookiesNutty Sandwich Cookies                      


These cookies, featured in Food Network Magazine, are totally customizable based on your favorite flavors. The dough can be studded with pistachios, hazelnuts, pecans or other nuts, and even the filling is up to you; try anything from premade jam to melted chocolate.



Chocolate Cannoli Sandwich CookiesChocolate Cannoli Sandwich Cookies


Cannoli lovers, rejoice: This recipe from Food Network Magazine is for you. The creamy mascarpone-ricotta filling is inspired by the inside of the classic Italian dessert, and it pairs perfectly with the chocolate cookies and pistachio garnish.



Amaretto Chocolate Chip Cookie SandwichesAmaretto Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches


Giada De Laurentiis’ nutty ice-cream sandwiches are a grown-up upgrade to the familiar treat. The ice cream filling is spiked with amaretto, a sweet almond liqueur, which complements the chopped toasted almonds in the chocolate-chip cookie dough.



Popcorn Sandwich Cookies with Salted CaramelPopcorn Sandwich Cookies with Salted Caramel


These sandwiches are the ultimate in sweet-and-salty desserts: There’s real ground popcorn in the cookie dough, and they’re rolled in crisp, crunchy popcorn pieces before being filled with gooey salted caramel.



Carrot Cake Sandwich CookiesCarrot Cake Sandwich Cookies


This recipe featured in Food Network Magazine brings all the flavor of carrot cake into a bite-sized oatmeal-raisin cookie with fresh carrot and pumpkin pie spice. Don’t forget the filling: No twist on carrot cake would be complete without the cream-cheese frosting.



Peppermint-Chocolate Sandwich CookiesPeppermint-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies                   


Giada’s candy-cane studded cookies may be packed with tried-and-true holiday flavor in the form of peppermint-chocolate filling, but these decadent treats can be enjoyed any time of year.


Sandwiches Are Good, but These 10 Sweet Sandwich Cookies Are Better

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