Who Should Own The Employee Experience?

The employee experience is what I define as the combination of culture, technology, and the physical space. It is the recognition by the organization that it must create a place where people truly want to show up instead of having a place where people need to show up. Simple statement but with a big impact. This is perhaps the biggest area of investment that I’m seeing business leaders around the world focus on today which is both exciting and also challenging. We all want to work for an organization that takes into account our experiences of working there. But what does this look like? How does it scale across thousands of people around the world? Where should organizations start? What happens if they mess up? How long does this take? These are just a few of the questions that organizations ask themselves when it comes to designing employee experiences. After all, there is no blueprint or formula for this. Employee experience is only recently getting the attention and investment that it deserves which means that for most out there, this is unchartered territory. But the very first question that organizations should answer is, “who owns the employee experience?”

Who Should Own The Employee Experience?

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