Instagram Announces a New Look For Its App Icon and Feed



Your Instagram feed is about to look very different – along with its app icon. The company announced its first redesign in five years, with a cleaner, crisper look in the feed and a more colorful app icon.


Say goodbye to the cute little camera icon you used to know. The new app icon is still a camera – just in a white outline with a rainbow gradient. Instagram’s other apps, Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse, also got a similar redesign. You can take a look below.




But you probably most care about what your feed looks like. Don’t fret – it has nothing to do with the proposed chronological timeline change but instead focuses on design. Gone are the blue header at the top and usernames in blue. Instead, everything but the photos and videos are in black and white. Whenever someone follows you or “likes” a post of yours, a brighter, pinker notification is its place. A before-and-after photo is above, and what it looks like on iOS and Android is below.




The change comes as the company starts to realign its values and understand how and why people use the app. “When Instagram was founded, it was a place to easily edit and share photos,” wrote Ian Spalter, head of design at Instagram, in a Medium post. Now with other apps like Boomerang and Layout entering the Instagram sphere, the company wanted to reflect that. It’s why the company changed how your feed looks – Instagram didn’t want to pry your eyes from it with the blue colors. ” . . . we believe the color should come directly from the community’s photos and videos,” Spalter wrote.


Though the changes are pretty minimal, people weren’t exactly happy with it. Many took to Twitter to complain and stress what they didn’t like about it.








Personally, we’re not too upset about it. Instagram chose the right time to update its look and feel. We won’t be talking about it in a few days anyways. The update ris out for both iOS and Android – it’s your call whether to accept it or not.



Instagram Announces a New Look For Its App Icon and Feed

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